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Nicotinell Stop Smoking Patches

When you're ready to quit smoking, Nicotinell can help you in your attempt. You stand a better chance at quitting for good with the help of these nicotine replacement products. The range includes several flavours of chewing gums, which are also available in different strengths depending on how much you used to smoke. There are also 24-hour nicotine patches and minty nicotine lozenges to choose from to help you stop smoking.


Nicotinell is a range of nicotine replacement products to help you quit smoking. As part of a comprehensive plan, Nicotinell can help you to become smoke-free. Depending on what format you choose and how much you currently smoke Nicotinell could have a product to help you go smoke-free without changing who you are.

The Nicotinell range:

Nicotinell Lozenges

Wherever you are Nicotinell lozenges are a discreet way to help reduce your cravings whenever you feel the urge to smoke.Nicotinell lozenges are available in both 1mg regular and 2mg extra strength. When used correctly Nicotinell lozenges can double your chances of quitting against willpower alone.

Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum

Give your attempt a kick start with Nicotinell gum to help you become smoke free. Nicotinell Medicated chewing gum is a convenient way to help reduce your cravings for cigarettes while you give up. Nicotinell chewing gum is available in 2 strengths, 2mg regular and 4mg extra strength. Available in a range of flavours and sizes, you are bound to find a Nicotinell gum to suit you.

Nicotinell Patch

The Nicotinell TTS Patches keep working round the clock to help give you a smoke free life. The Nicotinell patch is designed to supply your body with decreasing amounts of nicotine as you go from step 1 to 3, helping you become smoke free.