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Centrum Multivitams provide a nutritional boost of vitamins and minerals tailored to your age and lifestyle, whether for children, men or women. Chemist Direct stock an extensive range of Centrum products at great prices.

Centrum Multivitamins available at Chemist Direct

Vitamin Supplements are a great way to obtain all the essential vitamins and nutrients you need, but that may be lacking in your everyday diet. Centrum has something for anyone and for any need. Not everyone will need the same vitamins, so variety is essential; and thatís just what Centrum has to offer! Different ages will require nutrients of different levels, which is why Centrum include vitamins for 50+, adults, kids and they now have a specialist range that includes essential vitamins for women going through pregnancy.

What is Centrum?

As the world's No 1 selling multivitamin, Centrum are experts in nutrition, providing the right multivitamin solutions for different needs and lifestyles. Centrum contains all the essential vitamins and minerals (27 in total) recommended on a daily basis.

What you eat and how much you exercise can vary from day to day, but taking Centrum daily helps to ensure your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs. Centrum is complete from A to Zinc, allowing your body to use whatever it needs every day, so you can feel 100%. It also contains added lutein to help maintain healthy eyes.

Maintain & support your bodyís health with Centrum