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Ensure is the world's #1 oral nutritional supplement, produced by Abbott Laboratories. It is scientifically designed to preserve and protect muscles. Ensure provides the strength you need to maximise recovery and stay healthy and active. Most recently it has launched Ensure NutriVigor, a nutritious supplement to help you recover faster and Ensure Max Protein, a delicious ready-to-drink protein shake.

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The elderly often have difficulty in getting enough exercise and nutrition. Ensure drinks and supplements can help them boost their nutritional intake, help them gain needed weight, improve their energy levels. Everyone who requires these things, not only the elderly, can greatly benefit from the high energy, high protein drinks from Ensure.

Bridging the Nutrition Gap

Ensure drinks and supplements are nutritionally balanced to provide people who need extra nutrition in their diets to compensate for weight loss due to sickness, lack of exercise or other reasons beyond their control. Ensure drinks are one of the leading meal replacement drinks worldwide. They are produced and backed by Abbott Nutrition in the USA. These drinks come in several different styles and many delicious flavours, so step up and enjoy. Shop from our ranges of Ensure Plus Creme, Ensure Plus Fibre, Ensure Plus Juce, Ensure Plus Milkshake, Ensure Plus Savoury, Ensure Plus Yoghurt, and Ensure TwoCal.

Ensure drinks - the link between what you eat and what your body requires.

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