Cold Sore Cream

Get Your Cold Sores Treatment from Chemist Direct

Cold sores are unsightly, little blisters that occur around the lips and mouth. Known as herpes labialis, cold sores appear when the body is run down due to a viral infection, therefore they can affect literally anyone. It's important to treat a cold sore at the first sign of infection - an irritating tingling sensation near your mouth, so they have no chance to rear their ugly heads.

Treat a cold sore before one begins

Chemist Direct have many Cold Sores Medications that attack a cold sore at its first sign including Cymex, Blistex and Compeed. We even have a generic cold sores treatment containing the active ingredient Aciclovir that is cheaper than any other branded product and yet treats cold sores just as effectively. Browse the range to find the best product for you.

Effective Cold Sores Medications available at Chemist Direct

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