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Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company in the business of developing and marketing lip care products, primarily in the United States. Our objectives in those days were to create quality products, achieve consistent growth and become an innovative leader in lip care.

Lip science is what Blistex is all about. For years, Blistex have used their unique knowledge and expertise concerning the human lip to provide consumers with high quality technologically advanced products that protect, soothe and relieve. Today, Blistex offers a full range of lip care products that meet the needs of diverse lip care users worldwide. It is Blistexs firm commitment to continue to combine their knowledge of the science of lips with the art of creating formulas that feel great, to produce high quality, highly appealing and highly effective lip care products.

Why do your lips get chapped?

The reason can be found in the structure of the lips themselves. The lips' exposed mucous membrane structure is actually different than other skin. Lips do not have the same protective outer layer, or stratum corneum, found in other skin; nor do lips have the same complement of oil and sweat glands. Sweat glands add moisture to skin, but the lips' only source of moisture is saliva inside the mouth. Thus, harsh winter wind, cold, sun, and dryness-indoors and outdoors-make lips a vulnerable target for chapping.

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