Key Ingredients

AbsorbMax™ clinically proven to enhance the absorption rate of ResverMax™

AbsorbMax™ has been clinically proven to significantly enhance the absorption rate of ResverMax's nutrients into the body.

To believe the more you consume nutrients, the more the body will use is not always true. Some nutrients taken at a higher dose may actually counteract the benefit and will not be absorbed by the body. If the nutrients are in the right place at the right time in the digestive tract then the supplemented nutrient absorption is enhanced.

AbsorbMax™ increases the bioavailability of nutritional compounds, meaning AbsorbMax™ provides a more effective method of nutrient transportation within the body, as the nutrients are absorbed much more rapidly into the bloodstream than in other competitor supplements.

Clinical Studies: The Science behind AbsorbMax™

AbsorbMax™ contains BioPerine. The subtle, yet potent properties of BioPerine have been measured in several clinical studies. These studies measured the absorption of three distinct categories of products. The categories evaluated with and without BioPerine were fat-soluble (beta-carotene), water-soluble (vitamin B6) and a mineral (selenium, in the form of selenomethionine).

Gastrointestinal absorption of all the studied nutrients, as measured by amounts present in the blood, increased dramatically when administered with BioPerine as compared to the control group receiving the nutrient alone. Selenium levels increased by 30%, beta-carotene increased by 60%, and the vitamin B6 increase was slightly higher than beta-carotene. All studies used BioPerine in the amount of 5 mg per dose.