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Resvermax Heart Health


    Help protect your heart health with ResverMax

    ResverMax Red Grape Extract is a powerful and highly absorbent supplement, containing the latest buzz word in the health world: the antioxidant resveratrol. This component has been scientifically shown to help with healthy heart maintenance, to fight against diseases associated with the ageing process and to lower blood pressure.

    What can it do for you?

    ResverMax contains the equivalent of 500mg of red grape skin, making it a dense source of resveratrol.

    Resveratrol has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, disease pertaining to memory loss and even to increase the receptiveness of tumour cells to chemotherapy.

    AbsorbMax™, which is contained within the supplement, has been clinically proven to significantly enhance the absorption rate of ResverMax's™ nutrients into the body.

    In recent studies, the blood pressure of those who had taken resveratrol had lowered by as much as 5%, while their total cholesterol levels had lowered by up to 14%.

    Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red grapes and peanuts, is incredibly beneficial to human health. Studies have revealed a number of properties that help to keep hearts healthy. It prevents damage to blood vessels, decreases blood clots, lowers cholesterol, decreases inflammation and wards off strokes. As well as helping to keep your heart protected, it has potent anti- ageing properties. Resveratrol simulates cellular proteins in the body, which can potentially increase their life by increasing their energy. This means that consumption may help to protect against cognitive disease and other health issues associated with moving into old age. Whilst resveratrol is indeed found in natural foodstuffs, it would take an awful lot to reap its rewards, with scientists saying that if we tried to get enough of it from red wine, we would need to consume 60 litres a day. So taking ResverMax; is a quick and easy way to enjoy resveratrol’s fantastic benefits.

    ResverMax available at Chemist Direct to help support your heart health