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What is "Urban Eye"?

Optrex identified Urban Eye as a collection of common eye problems faced by 40% of us on a regular basis

Our modern lifestyle has been blamed for a lot of different health problems and another addition to the list is a collection of eye conditions that have been named by Optrex as “Urban Eye”. We seem to tackle these eye problems regularly but never pay attention to them and end up ignoring them. Many people find themselves suffering from eyes that are dry, red, itchy, bloodshot, tired, uncomfortable, irritated and sore as a result of various factors that we come across every day in our modern life.

Eyes are incredibly complex and very delicate and modern life puts a real strain on them. Elements like longer working hours, lack of sleep and working at computers mean our eyes are working incredibly hard for long hours in the day. Straining to look at screens for long periods, leaves our eyes tired and sore and results in headaches and a feeling of straining when concentrating. It’s not like it all ends when we leave work either, as driving and switching from computer to television screens keeps our eyes working hard until late at night. Not taking breaks from looking at the screen and not getting enough sleep doesn’t give our eyes the chance to relax and regenerate.

There are many environmental factors that are also playing a huge part in our eye problems. Outside we’re faced with pollution, dust and pollen pretty much every day that can cause irritation and soreness. But it’s not just on the outside where environmental factors can affect our eyes, as inside we tackle central heating and air conditioning that severely dry our eyes out and leave them feeling uncomfortable. Even everyday household cleaning products can leave your eyes feeling sore thanks to added bleach and harsh abrasives.

It is estimated that around 19.6 million Brits encounter these various eye conditions regularly with many even suffering from Urban Eye 2-3 times every week. It thereofre seems that many of us our taking our eyes for granted by ignoring the signs of these conditions affecting our eyes on the regular. We can’t avoid our modern lifestyle, but we can take a few minutes out of days to pay some attention to our eyes. If you find your eyes feeling particularly dry, irritated and uncomfortable at the end of the day, relieve them with some spray or drops that will help to hydrate and soothe your eyes by repairing their natural protective moisture barrier. You can also take regular breaks from your computer screen and make sure you get plenty of sleep to help your eyes feel relaxed and rejuvenated.