Optrex Eye Care


Optrex eye drops, eye wash available at Chemist Direct

Optrex eye drops, eye wash and sprays are developed to focus on taking care of eye. In everyday life many factors can damage eye and may cause serious eye problems. Optrex eye drops & eye wash is the solution for eye care.

Your lifestyle, environment, age, general health, allergies and many other factors can cause a range of eye problems, from temporary dryness to infection. No one cares for eyes like Optrex. Their gentle yet effective products for Problem Eyes and Everyday Eye Care are specially formulated to meet your eye care needs, so whether your eyes are simply tired & in need of refreshment or you have a bacterial infection and need antibiotics Optrex has a solution.

Can I use Optrex Eye Drops, Eye Wash with my contact lenses?

The following Optrex products can be used without removing your contact lenses:

  • Optrex ActiMist Eye Spray
  • Optrex Dry Eye Drops
  • Optrex Dry Eye Drops Singles

The rest of the Optrex range can be used by contact lens wearers but you need to remove your lenses before applying the Optrex eye drops or eye wash and leave them out for at least fifteen minutes after application.


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