Dry, tried and sore eyes

Most people will experience dry, tired or sore eyes at some point in their lives and more and more are suffering due to their lifestyle. It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid certain factors that cause these conditions because we are faced them indoors, outside, at work and at home.

Every time we blink, our eyelid spreads tears across the eye surface to form a protective film. This film helps to reduce evaporation of moisture from the eye to prevent it from drying out. When the lipid layer of the tear film is disturbed, our eyes are left dry and sore.

Top causes:

  • Working from computer screens for long hours of the day
  • Lack of sleep
  • Environmental pollution – dust, exhaust fumes and smoke
  • Glare and bright lights
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Long distance driving
  • Wearing contact lenses


  • Eyes feeling tired, dry and sore
  • Red and bloodshot eyes
  • Eyes feeling gritty, itchy and slightly watery
  • Burning sensations when you blink
  • Symptoms often worsen throughout the day

Treating dry, tired and sore eyes:

These conditions are incredibly common and people are increasingly suffering. Thankfully, with Optrex, the problem can be solved! Their range of eye drops and eye sprays are specially formulated to relieve, soothe and hydrate the eyes. They work to repair your eye’s natural moisture layer and lock in moisture to relieve dry and irritated eyes and prevent them from drying out during the day. Some of their formulas also contain pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise the skin around the eyes to keep them looking bright, beautiful and healthy.