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Nicorette - Stop Smoking Tips


Top Tips for Quitting

  1. Quit with a friend - You can motivate each other, support each other through the tough times and know that you’re not in it alone.
  2. Use the money you save on cigarettes to treat yourself - Calculate how much money you’ll save by cutting out cigarettes and start planning what you could spend it on! A fun day out, a new wardrobe or even a holiday!
  3. Build your support network - Your friends & family understand that quitting is a real challenge and requires shed-loads of willpower, so let them know about your decision and they can help keep you on track.
  4. Break the routine with a change of scene - When you have a social routine that involves smoking, it can be tough to still hang out with the same people in the same places and resist lighting up. Why not suggest a change of scene, to help you break that routine?
  5. Exercise can help you relax, so get outdoors! - Doing something active like hiking, running or swimming could help take your mind off your cravings and may help relieve withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety & low mood.
  6. Identify your craving triggers - Drinking alcohol is one of the most common craving triggers, so try drink less when you first give up. Make a list of five minute strategies of things to do when a craving hits.
  7. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy - NICORETTE® offer a range of NRT products which can help tackle cigarette cravings making you more likely to succeed in your quit journey.
  8. Make a plan - Setting a date and selecting your support tools will help you feel more prepared for your quit journey.

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