Nicorette – Which product is right for you?


We understand that finding the right product for you is important when you’re quitting smoking. We also know there are lots of options out there so read on for advice about which may be the most appropriate nicotine replacement product for you.

Firstly, think about which of the following is the most important thing to help you with your cravings:

  • Fast acting relief
  • Doing something active like chewing
  • Discreet control
  • Once a day use
  • Having something to replace the hand to mouth action of smoking

Think about how many cigarettes you smoke a day and then see our advice below to understand which strength is right for you (if applicable to your chose format).

If you’re looking for:

Fast craving relief, use:

  1. QuickMist, or
  2. Nasal Spray


Active craving control, use:

  1. Gum
    • If you smoke 20 or less cigarettes per day: 2mg Gum
    • If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day: 4mg or 6mg Gum


Discreet craving control, use:

  1. Microtab, or
  2. Cools Lozenge


A once a day solution, use:

  1. InvisiPatch


Something to replace the hand-to-mouth action of smoking, use:

  1. Inhalator


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