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Nicorette Nasal Spray

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Nicorette Nasal Spray is ideal for the rapid relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms caused by giving up smoking.

Nicorette Nasal Spray helps in managing nicotine withdrawals while you’re quitting smoking. It does not contain any tar, carbon monoxide, or other harmful substances that are associated with smoking tobacco.

Tackles hard-to-beat cravings

Nicorette Nasal Spray contains 10ml nicotine. It works by providing you with small amounts of nicotine to lessen the physical signs and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Once you apply the spray directly to your nostril, the nicotine is released into your system where it rapidly provides relief from cravings.

Helps heavy smokers quit

Because the nicotine is rapidly absorbed into your body through your nostrils, Nicorette Nasal Sprays are a good option for heavy smokers who want immediate/effective relief from withdrawal symptoms after they quit smoking.

How to use Nicorette Nasal Spray:

  • Remove the protective cap, press several times firmly and quickly until a fine spray appears.
  • Insert the spray tip into one nostril, pointing the top towards the back of your nose. Press firmly and quickly.
  • Adults: Maximum of 64 sprays per daily. Reduce usage by half over next 2 weeks.
  • Over 18 years: one spray into each nostril, twice an hour for up to 16 hours.
  • Use to be restricted to a 3-month course, consisting of 8 weeks treatment, followed by 2 weeks where treatment is reduced by a half and 2 weeks where usage is reduced to zero.
  • Under 18 years cannot used this product.

Precautions before using Nicorette Nasal Spray:

  • If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor for advice before using this product.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not exceed stated dose.

Possible side effects while using Nicorette Nasal Spray:

The Nicorette Nasal Spray is a strong medication and you may experience some local irritant effects when you first start using it. If you get a runny nose, sneezing or watery eyes do not stop using your spray. If you continue to use your nasal spray regularly, these effects will generally lessen within a few days.

Nicorette Nasal Spray contains:

Active Ingredient: 10mg/ml Nicotine. Each spray contains 0.5mg of nicotine.

Also contains: Methyl and propyl parahydroxybenzoate, disodium edeate, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, citric acid, polysorbate 80, water

Nicorette Nasal Spray
5 stars

Its great, gets in to your system about as quick as having a cig. First couple of days its not pleasant, burns a bit and makes you sneeze a few times and gives you a runny nose. After a couple of days, the sneezing went and it doesnt burn much (in fact Ive grown to like it, it feels like youre getting something!!). Much more helpful than patches and gum as its an instant burst of nicotine and something you can go to when youd normally have a cig.

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Nicorette Nasal Spray
4.3 stars

Nicorette Nasal Spray is wonderful. If you can survive the first 3/4 days with watery eyes

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