How should I use Gold Collagen and other FAQs

Pure Gold Collagen provides you with a refreshing and immediate boost of energy through a refreshing drink flavoured with peach and passion fruit that can be drunk at any part of the day. You can even drink it first thing in the morning as part of your daily beauty regime!

To get the most out of Gold Collagen, drink it on an empty stomach so that it’s absorbed quickly by your body. If you have a sensitive stomach, we advise that you take it with your food or just after your meal. For the best hydration results from Gold Collagen, take it continuously for 8 weeks. If you want the product to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, take it for 12 weeks.

The results of Pure Gold Collagen may differ from person to person. While most women notice their skin becoming more hydrated and plump after 2 or 3 weeks of use, it might take longer for others. If it takes longer for you to see the results, don’t panic. Factors like genetics, lifestyle, diet, prolonged exposure to the sun, and smoking also affect the results on your skin. Try making healthy adjustments to your lifestyle like eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, spending less time in direct sunlight, and smoking less.

What is the right dosage for me each day?

The right dosage per day is 1 bottle (50 ml). Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

What is the best time in the day for me to take Gold Collagen?

The best time to drink Gold Collagen is usually when your stomach is empty. This allows your body to absorb it much more quickly. However, if you have a sensitive tummy, take it after you’ve eaten.

When will I start to see visible results?

Most customers notice their skin become more hydrated and plump within 2 or 3 weeks of using the product. However, the results may be slower or faster for others. Factors like genetics, smoking, sun exposure, pollution, stress, nutrition, and lifestyle all play a part in the varying results from person to person.

How long do I need to take Gold Collagen for?

It is recommended that you take the product for at least 30 days. Studies on Pure Gold Collagen showed a 12% increase in skin hydration after three weeks, 15% decrease in fine lines and 27% reduction in deep wrinkles after 6 weeks, and 20% increase in skin elasticity after nine weeks. At the end of this period, reduce the dosage of Gold Collagen to just 1 bottle every other day to maintain the results.

What does Gold Collagen taste like?

Gold Collagen has a peach and passion fruit flavour with a hint of spicy notes from the black pepper extract.

Are there any side effects?

Before taking Gold Collagen, be sure you read the ingredients and instruction on the bottle. If you tend to have allergic reactions to either fish or soya products, do not take Pure Gold Collagen.

Is Pure Gold Collagen suitable for vegetarians?

Gold Collagen products contain hydrolysed collagen that is derived from fish. It is not suitable for vegetarians or those with allergic reactions to fish.

Can diabetics take Gold Collagen?

Pure Gold Collagen is suitable for diabetics because it does not contain any sugars. The only sweet ingredients used are Stevia and Sucralose.

Is it alright to take Gold Collagen with other medications?

Although it is not likely that Gold Collagen will adversely interact with pharmaceuticals, it is recommended, if you are suffering from a serious illness or are under any medical supervision in general, that you consult your doctor before taking Gold Collagen.