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What is Dove Pro Age?

Our skin goes through a lot in life, so it is important to treat it right. Your skin has battled various factors over the years including environmental elements like harsh weather, pollution and sun exposure, which is the single biggest culprit in skin ageing. Changes in your skin as we age actually occur in the middle skin layer called the dermis. This layer contains collagen, elastin and moisture, which are all things that we begin to lose with age and it shows on the epidermis outer layer of skin in the form of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging and dryness. This is why we need to provide mature skin with the right care and Dove have developed their Pro Age range because they believe that beauty has no age limit. The Pro Age collection is specifically formulated for mature skin to keep it beautifully moisturised, healthy and glowing.

Pro Age skin care:

Dove’s Pro Age skin care range includes everything you need to complete your skin care routine including Body Wash, Hand Cream, Body Butter and All-Over Body Serum to keep your skin radiant with youth from top to toe. Each product works to lock in moisture and contains a DeepCare Complex that hydrates and nourishes the skin deep down. Some of their skin care products also contain sunflower and olive oils that are rich in conditioning lipids that help to maintain the skin’s natural barrier, so that moisture is not lost throughout the day. The Pro Age range also contains Dove’s NutriumMoisture Technology that is their own blend of moisturisers and natural lipids to help the skin repair itself and leave it beautifully soft and youthful.

Pro Age hair care:

It’s not just our skin that changes as we age, but also our hair. With age, hair naturally becomes thinner and loses its volume and body, which is due to the hair growth rate slowing down. Some hair follicles even stop making new hairs completely meaning that when a hair falls out it will not be replaced. Dove Pro Age however allows you to keep your hair looking in great condition with their Shampoo and Conditioner that contain Dove’s Micro Moisture Serum. This serum technology helps to repair the hair from root to tip so that your thin, brittle and weak hair is left fuller, thicker, stronger and incredibly soft.