Do I need Bioglan super fish oil?

Bioglan Super Fish Oil provides you with a rich source of Omega 3. It is made from anchovies according to international regulations and procedures to ensure it is eco-friendly. Each capsule is half the size of regular 1000 mg fish oil capsules but it provides you with a higher percentage of Omega 3, meaning you only need to take one capsule each day to fulfil your body’s need for Omega 3. Best of all, there is no fishy aftertaste because it is enteric and is absorbed in the intestine instead of the stomach.Super fish oil will help:

  • support cardiovascular health
  • improve brain function
  • eyesight improvement
  • immune system health
  • better skin
  • protect from UV rays
  • brain development
  • supple and flexible joints
  • Fish oil protects you from heat and air pollution and early ageing. Fatty acid supplements give the body protection from the cardio and lipid effects of exposure to air pollution. Hence, a good source of Omega 3 is a must if you live in the city.

    Fish oil wards off early signs of ageing

    Studies show that telomere shortening, the DNA at the end of the chromosomes, can cause stem cell function and cellular generation which cause premature ageing. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils prevent this from happening. Additionally, individuals who have higher levels of Omega 3 acids in their blood have longer telomeres.

    As we get older our joints and bones start to get weakened. It is during this time that it is important to have a diet that provides us with a rich source of Omega 3. Fish oil helps significantly reduces the symptoms and signs of osteoarthritis. Omega 3 also helps heal joint pain and inflammatory problems.

    Fish oils improve weight loss and muscle mass

    Fish oil and exercise are a power-packed combination if you want to lose weight. Studies show that body fats stores, especially the abdominal region, can be significantly reduced with the exercise and fish oil combination rather than when you rely on exercise alone to help shed unwanted pounds.

    Muscle loss can also be prevented when you have fish oil as a part of your supplement routine. Your muscles work to keep your metabolism active and burn calories...even while you sleep! Adding fish oil to your diet is a worthy investment as it will help preserve muscle mass even if you are dieting.

    How can I get more Omega 3 in my day?

    Dieticians suggest adding salmon fish to your diet at least twice a week to increase your intake of Omega 3. For those who can’t get past the fishy taste, Bioglan Super Fish Oil or Bioglan Super Fish Oil One-A-Day is an excellent supplement as you can get the fatty acid goodness minus the taste of fish.