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Canesten for Thrush

This article has been medically approved by Pharmacist Sumaiya Patel - GPhC Reg No: 2215078

Identifying Thrush and why it happens

Thrush is a fairly common infection that is caused by a yeast called Candida Albicans. Candida organisms usually live harmlessly within your gut and for 1 in 5 women it also resides in the vagina. These organisms are usually in a neutral state and work together with other organisms in your body. They are also kept in check by your immune system and other good bacteria. When the natural, delicate pH balance of the vagina is upset, the Candida multiplies and causes an itch which develops into a thrush.

Most women will experience an attack of Thrush at least once in their lifetime, and some will suffer it on more than one occasion. It is not a sexually transmitted disease--meaning that you don't have to be sexually active to get it--but the infection can pass between partners while having sex. Even men can get thrush too. The symptoms may not be as severe for men as for women, but a few male cases do develop into rash and itchiness. Males can also act as the carriers without actually having the symptoms themselves. To prevent re-infection, always make sure that your partner uses the Thrush treatment or oral thrush treatment at the same time as you do.

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Possible Symptoms of Thrush

The symptoms of Thrush may vary from person to person and from one attack to the other, yet these are a few things you should be on the lookout for if you think you are about to get a yeast/candida infection:

  • Discomfort 'down below' is often the first and most obvious sign that you are coming down with Thrush. You may also feel a little itchy/sore and swollen around your labia and the entrance to the vagina.
  • Whitish discharge that is generally odourless is generally the next sign of Thrush.
  • Other symptoms may be an uncomfortable burning sensation when you pass urine, and pain or burning sensation while having sex.

Thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) are common infections in women, however they can often be confused as they share some common symptoms. To learn more about the difference between thrush and BV, click here.


Choosing the best Thrush treatment for you

If you are dealing with Thrush for the first time, your first path to treatment will be to visit your doctor. This way you can be sure that you know the full extent of what you are dealing with and next time you will be better able to care for yourself. However, if you suffer from recurrent Thrush, like more than twice in six months, you should see your GP for advice.

As Thrush is an internal infection that causes external irritation, it must be treated from both angles. The internal infection can be treated with an oral thrush treatment capsule, pessary, or internal cream, and if you are feeling uncomfortable on the outside you can use an external cream to soothe the itching soreness. This is where Canesten's Thrush treatments step in to help:

  • Canesten Soft Gel Pessary Combi (500mg Soft Pessary & 2% w/w Cream): contains Clotrimazole and combines a comfortable soft gel pessary to treat the internal Thrush infection and a tube of 2% thrush cream to soothe the external symptoms.
  • Canesten Oral & Cream Duo: contains Fluconazole and Clotrimazole. This pack contains two effective Thrush treatments--a single, fast-acting Canesten Oral capsule to help clear the infection and a handy tube of Canesten 2% Thrush Cream to immediately cool the external symptoms.
  • Canesten Cream Combi Internal and External Creams: contains Clotrimazole and is an ideal combination of creams--a tube of soothing 2% Thrush Cream to relieve external itching and a single-dose prefilled applicator of internal cream to treat the cause of thrush.
  • Canesten 500mg Soft Gel Pessary contains Clotrimazole and has a teardrop shape. This product is available over the counter and has a Soft Gel Pessary format that is designed to be soft and comfortable to insert. It works right at the site of infection.
  • Canesten Oral Capsule: contains Fluconazole and is an oral capsule that is effective for the treatment of vaginal thrush in a single dose. It can also be used for men who are suffering from Thrush on the penis.
  • Canesten Internal Cream: contains Clotrimazole and is a single-dose pre-filled applicator of cream which is to be inserted into the vagina to treat Thrush at its source.
  • Canesten Thrush Cream: contains Clotrimazole and is a double strength (compared to Canesten 1% Cream) Thrush cream that provides rapid relief from external itching.


Why choose Canesten to cure Thrush?

  • Creams and Pessaries can be used right at the site of infection
  • Provides rapid relief from external itching
  • Treats Thrush at the source
  • Heals internally and cools irritations externally Tips for treating Thrush
  • If it's your first time having Thrush, see your doctor and confirm that you definitely have thrush before you take any treatment for it. If you have had Thrush before, then you might already be aware of a variety of treatment options in the form of oral capsules, a pessary, cream, or natural treatment.
  • If on your period, make sure that you change your tampon or pad regularly. It's always a good idea to do this for hygiene sake, but even more so when you have Thrush.
  • Avoid using scented sanitary products.
  • Avoid perfumed bath and shower products until the infection has cleared up.
  • Increasing the amount of prebiotic fibre in your diet, eating more bananas, onions, leeks, artichokes, and garlic will provide more for the good bacteria to feed on.
  • Aromatherapy natural treatments like this one also work wonders. 6 drops of tea tree oil, 2 tablespoons of base oil to a warm bath. Soak in it for ten minutes.


Tips for preventing Thrush

While it's not always possible to stop an attack of Thrush, there are things you can do to keep it at bay.

  • Reduce your susceptibility to thrush by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthily. Keeping your immune system at its best will help to prevent Thrush attacks and improve your overall health.
  • Limit the amount of processed food in your diet as these compromise your immune system. Reducing stress levels can also prevent Thrush. Keep stress levels in check.