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Turmeric & joint health

Modern research taken out on turmeric often concludes its anti-inflammatory properties and the many positive effects that this can have upon our health. This is mainly due to its chemical compound curcumin that allows turmeric to be classed as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to certain injuries and infections and it is associated with various diseases and some severe conditions including heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Inflammation can result in localised redness, swelling and heat and can possibly the cause of the loss of function of the involved tissue. Acute inflammation a typically protective response to localised infection or injury and is designed to help the body to heal and restore natural tissue function. Chronic inflammation on the other hand, can persist for a long period of time and will be more severe.

Inflammation is strongly linked to joint damage and arthritis; however turmeric is now considered a natural remedy for arthritis as it can reduce joint pain and inflammation. The curcumin that is found within turmeric is believed to reduce the activity of certain enzymes in the body that are known to trigger inflammation. Because of this, turmeric has become a popular natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and is known for its anti-inflammatory effects while producing no toxicity that may be associated with other medications.

Recent studies of patients suffering with arthritis have been carried to out to test the effectiveness of curcumin and it has been found that it improves movement, decreases morning stiffness, increases walking time and can dramatically reduce joint swelling.

With many diseases, especially arthritis, it is free radicals that are responsible for the painful joint inflammation and eventual damage to the joints. Free radicals are chemicals that travel through the body and have the potential to cause great amounts of damage to healthy cells and cell membranes.

However the curcumin that is found within turmeric also contains powerful antioxidant properties that are able to neutralise free radicals. This combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits has allowed many people to find great relief from joint pain with the use of turmeric.