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Bio-Oil has been rigorously tested by leading dermatological research centres and university across the globe. In clinical trials with the proDerm Institute for Applied Dermatological Research (Hamburg, Germany), the Photobiology Laboratory of the Medical University of South Africa and the Dermatology of Peking University First Hospital, research has shown that Bio-Oil is an effective skin treatment for scarring. In some clinical trials, participants experienced positive results as early as 4 weeks into their treatment. (2)  


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How Bio-Oils Treats & Prevents Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks naturally form when your body expands quicker than your skin, causing the skin to tear and heal itself, forming scars. There are various reasons why a person would develop them with the individual’s skin type, racial background, age and dieting being contributing factors. It is common among bodybuilders and pregnant women.


Bio-Oil treats stretch marks just like regular scars. Simply massage it into the affected area with a firm circular motion. Due to the PurCellin Oil™ in the skincare products, it will smoothly absorb into the skin and releasing the vital ingredients that help improves the skin’s elasticity. Do this twice a day. After a minimum of three months, you may begin to see positive results.


It is important to understand that, like scarring, stretch marks don’t completely heal. While Bio-Oil does improve the appearance of stretch marks, you should balance expectations accordingly.


The use of Bio-Oil to treat stretch marks has been researched vigorously by many trial centres. In recent years, the Photobiology Laboratory of the Medical University of South Africa and proDerm Institute for Applied Dermatological Research in Hamburg, Germany, have conducted clinical trials on the subject. Both studies found the participants seeing improvements of their stretch marks and the appearance of the skin.


How Bio-Oil Improves the Appearance of Uneven Skin Tone?


Uneven skin tones, also known as hyperpigmentation, is where the skin produces an inconsistent amount of melanin causing a change of the pigmentation. There are also external, environmental causes such as excessive exposure to sunlight. The fluctuation of hormones during pregnancy, menopause or oral contraceptives can also induce uneven skin tones.


Bio-Oil is a popular skincare product for uneven skin tone with in-depth clinical trials proving its effectiveness. The Thomas J, Stephens & Associates trail centre in Texas, United State and the Photobiology Laboratory of the Medical University of South Africa conducted clinical trials into the skincare’s brand-ability to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


Normally, it will take a minimum of 3 months of applying Bio-Oil twice a day before you can see positive results. However, during these clinical studies, it is possible to see your pigmentation improve earlier.


How Bio-Oils Help Against Ageing Skin?


Wrinkled skin is commonly associated with ageing. This is caused by the weakening of the collagen and elastin in the skin. It is a chief concern, as most people want younger-looking skin.


Bio-Oil can help people reduce the appearance of wrinkles and the telltale signs of ageing. The formulated oil contains ingredients designed to help plasticise the skin, making it soft and more supple. A bonus is that Bio-Oil moisturises the skin, improving the texture, tone and appearance.


What sets Bio-Oil apart is the use of PurCellin Oil™. The breakthrough ingredient changes the consistency of the product, making the oil lighter and non-greasy. This helps Bio-Oil absorb into the skin, promoting its elasticity, texture and tone.


This is done by simply applying Bio-Oil to the affected areas twice daily and as part of your skincare routine. Normally, it takes a minimum of 3 months before users can see positive results though it is possible to see improvement earlier. This has been proven with clinical, dermatological trials.


How Bio-Oil Nourishes Dehydrated Skin?


Bio-Oil helps replenish the skin's natural oils so is a great product to apply after bathing. And yes, you can safely enjoy the goodness of this exceptional product on your face. Apply Bio-Oil after bathing, showering, sun-tanning or swimming. Massage gently into the skin, paying particular attention to dry or chapped areas. Bio-Oil is also ideal as a bath oil.


This is due to the brand’s use of PurCellin Oil™, which helps the product absorb into the skin. Purcellin Oil™ alters the consistency of the overall product, making lighter and non-greasy. This helps the oil quickly absorb into the skin and helps its other ingredients soak into the skin easier, moisturising and promoting supple skin.


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This article has been medically approved by Superintendent Pharmacist Shilpa Shailen Karia, MRPharmS. - GPhC Reg No: 2087328





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