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Bio-Oil for scars and stretch marks at Chemist Direct

Bio Oil Testimonials

Bio Oil is a wonder, healing skincare oil that greatly improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tones. This is a winner skincare and beauty product that has won 85 skincare awards, become the No. 1 selling scar and stretch mark product, and is marketed in 11 countries. Bio Oil is rich in natural ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Chamomile Oil. It is a vegan product and is suitable for individuals with highly sensitive skin. The Benefits Of Bio Oil are highly effective for ageing skin, dehydrated skin, pregnancy stretch marks, and scars. Benefits Of Bio Oil also include that it works as a fantastic moisturiser and bath oil.

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? Thanks for a product that does what it promises!?

"...I've never written to a company before, either in praise or complaint of a product, but feel compelled to do so in this case. Some time back, my father had a car accident in which his forehead was cut quite badly. It healed well, but left a scar that was really noticeable. A friend of mine recommended Bio-Oil and the results were outstanding. Before long, the scar seemed to smooth and blend into the skin ? and now it's so much less noticeable. Thanks for a product that does what it promises!"

?I was absolutely amazed??

"...Earlier this year, I went for a medical check-up and was advised to have a few small moles removed. I never imagined that this minor procedure would leave me with dreadful marks on my back, chest and worst of all, on my face. Needless to say, I was distraught. One of my friends urged me to start applying Bio-Oil daily. I was absolutely amazed when the appearance started to improve and now, one cannot really even tell where the moles were!"

?I only wish I had heard about Bio-Oil sooner?

"...When I was fifteen (I am now forty), I was in an accident which left me with an ugly burn scar on my leg. For years I felt terribly self-conscious about the dry and flaky appearance of the scar and always tried to hide it under long skirts and trousers. You can therefore imagine how happy I was to discover Bio-Oil! I have been using it for three months now and the results have been outstanding. Unbelievable! I only wish I had heard about Bio-Oil sooner."

Stretch Marks

"I have now reached my goal weight without a single noticeable stretch mark!"

"...After endless procrastination, I finally committed to doing something constructive about the extra 22lbs I'd been carrying around with me since my teenage years. I consulted a dietician and began exercising and before long, I started seeing results. I felt incredibly motivated until I started noticing stretch marks on my hips and stomach. Luckily a close friend recommended that I start using Bio-Oil immediately. I have now reached my goal weight and the results have been unbelievable! Thank you Bio-Oil for saving the day, just in time for summer!"

"I have been absolutely astounded by the phenomenal results!"

"...Last year I experienced drastic weight loss due to a personal trauma and was left with very ugly stretch marks all over my stomach and thighs. I felt so unattractive and was too embarrassed to even wear shorts or a swimming costume in public. This really affected my life, since my husband and kids love spending the weekends outdoors. I tried so many products (even the most expensive), but nothing really helped. Then I decided to give Bio-Oil a try and have been absolutely astounded by the phenomenal results! My skin is and healthier than it's ever been before!"

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

"I didn't get any visible stretch marks!"

?Throughout my pregnancy, I lathered myself in Bio-Oil and it really worked ? I didn't get any visible stretch marks! I've also seen a difference in the appearance of my existing ones even though they're 15 years old!?

?Happy to report?not a single stretch mark?

"From very early on in my pregnancy (about 5 weeks) I started using Bio-Oil twice a day. I loved the way it made my skin feel. My daughter Emily is 5 months old already and I'm still using it! As for the appearance of my stretch marks I'm happy to report that I didn't get a single one. Bio-Oil was amazing! I was the first of my friends to fall pregnant, so now I'm telling them all about it.?

?I am delighted to report that I have no stretch marks?

"...I just wanted to drop a few lines to highly commend your product Bio-Oil. I am seven and a half months pregnant with my first baby and have been using Bio-Oil since my mum told me about it five months ago. I am delighted to report that I have no stretch marks. I also developed some unattractive blotches on my face during the pregnancy. I tried everything imaginable before, once again, Bio-Oil came to my rescue and I am extremely pleased that after such a short time the marks look visibly better."

Uneven Skin Tone

"We've all become big Bio-Oil fans."

?About 2 years ago my sister discovered Bio-Oil and called me to tell me about it. We both have uneven skin tone on our faces and are always on the look out for something that can help. We've become big Bio-Oil fans and are always finding new uses for the product. Lately I've been using it for the marks on my legs and I'm delighted with the results! Thanks for an outstanding product. It certainly does what it promises!?

"All my friends and family tell me I'm looking years younger."

"...A friend recommended that I try Bio-Oil when I started developing darker patches on my forehead and cheeks. My skin now looks much more even-toned and my face feels and looks smoother too. In fact, all my friends and family tell me I'm looking years younger."

"My skin really appears to have improved?I feel like a new person!"

"...When I was a teenager I developed the most awful brown patches on my face. They made me feel terribly self-conscious and over time I became more and more despondent because nothing that I tried seemed to make a difference. Even make-up didn't help ? it only seemed to make them more noticeable. Then, years later, I heard about Bio-Oil from my new neighbor and I can't believe the difference. My skin really appears to have improved ? the marks are a lot less noticeable ? and my skin is glowing! I am 32 and I feel like a new person!"

Ageing Skin

?Bio-Oil is unique, there's nothing else like it."

"It is oil, but goes onto your skin like it isn't. My skin gets very dry and really needs the nourishment. Bio-Oil works best for me AND it lasts forever!?

"My secret weapon is Bio-Oil!"

?I'm just not one of those people that buys into the latest skincare fads. I've got a routine that works for me, and I stick to it! I cleanse, tone and moisturize like everyone else, but really my secret weapon is Bio-Oil! I rub it on head to toe ? it's my all-over skin booster!?

"People are always commenting on how young my skin looks."

"...As I reached my late 20's, my skin started to get noticeably drier with more fine lines. I'd heard great things about Bio-Oil, so decided to try it. I'm extremely pleased with the results. Less fine lines, much smoother skin, more even skin tone, and texture like a baby's. People are always commenting on how young my skin looks, and I was asked for ID at a pub last week for the first time in years. There's no better testimonial than that!"

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