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Enhancing your weight loss

If you've been trying hard to lose weight but are not able to get anywhere with the regular weight loss products available, it's time to try Almased. Almased products not only help you lose weight, they also boost your metabolism and improve your overall health. Almased products can be used for both individuals who want to lose weight and those who want to maintain a lean figure.

No more hunger pangs while dieting

Most weight-cutting diets leave you feeling hungry and starved, but not Almased. It's made of high-quality and easily digestible proteins that ensure a longer lasting feeling of satisfaction and fullness. A single meal replacement is about 180 kcal and will keep you full for about 4 hours because it promotes healthy levels of satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin. Almased also supports your blood sugar levels which additionally helps to avoid cravings while deiting. Supported blood sugar levels along with a higher metabolism help the body burn more calories and lose weight.

Speed up your metabolism

A quicker metabolism is important for individuals who want to lose weight or want to maintain a healthy figure. Almased provides key nutrients that are necessary for your overall health. Ingredients used like quality soy, probiotic yoghurt, and enzyme-rich honey provide the body with essential amino acids that ensure easy digestion and high bioavailability of proteins. Each of these ingredients benefits the others and boosts the metabolism.

Lose fat and not muscle mass

Most diets make you to lose both fat and muscle mass, but Almased works differently. The glycemic index measures the effect of a carbohydrate-rich food item on the blood sugar level, and Almased has a very low glycemic index. Because of this the blood sugar level increases only a little and helps the body release lower amounts of insulin. Lower insulin means that the body will burn more fat instead of muscle mass.

Almased can provide your body with many essential nutrients and cell protective phytochemicals even if you are not on a diet. Using these products even when you have a healthy weight will help keep your metabolism active on a regular basis and give you more energy as you go about your day.

Almased also supports healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, blood levels. If you are vegetarian, an athlete, or elderly and simply want a health food that will strengthen your immune system, you can use Almased.