What Are Sinuses and How Do They Work?

Painful Sinuses have various symptoms, some of which include extreme headaches, constant sneezing, runny nose, or feeling weak. However there are many popular home remedies for treating painful sinuses. Some of these include inhaling apple cider steam, a tonic of diluted apple cider and water, cayenne snorting, or a nasal saline rinse.

You may have heard the word "sinuses" and wondered what exactly they are. Well, their purpose is not completely understood, but we do know they are air-filled spaces behind the forehead, nasal bones, cheeks and eyes.

Within each sinus there are opening to the to the nose, so your body can excahnge both air and mucus. They can act as air conditioners filtering and humidifying the air, while also normally porducing about a quart of mucus each day.

Your sinuses also help lighten the weight of the skull, affect how your voice sounds and can help your brain absorb any damaging blows to the head.