Five Proactive Sinus Tips

Take note: Threats to healthy sinuses can be all around us. But with a little preparation, you can steer clear of common problems.

  1. Check the pollen count. Allergens can be the worst sinus offenders. Be aware of the pollen count in your area and plan outdoor activities accordingly.
  2. Clean your sinus cavity. Nasal irrigation, or washing of the nasal cavity and nostrils with saline solution, can be done daily to help promote healthy sinuses.
  3. Recirculate air. When inside the house or car, close your windows and set teh air conditioner or heater to the setting that recirculates the air.
  4. Avoid irritants. Be aware of smoke and other air pollution - factors that may increase your risk for developing sinus complications.
  5. Avoid pressures. Changes in altitude can change how your sinuses act, so be aware of how activities such as flying, swimming, and diving can affect you.