Worming & Threadworm Tablets for Humans

Don’t let worms become a problem for you. Shun them away with these handy worm treatment products from Chemist Direct. We help keep you and your family protected with worm treatments from trusted brands like Ovex.

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Chemist Direct have many products to help treat Worms in humans

Worms in humans is common, especially for children. Around 40% of children under the age of ten will get threadworms at some stage, so always ask them to wash their hands before eating and especially after using the toilet. If you or your child has threadworms, bathe every morning, don’t share a towel and change your bedding as frequently as possible.

Need Threadworm (Pinworm) tablets?

Worms can cause intense anal itching. It is necessary to treat the entire household to prevent any re-infection, and we offer Threadworm (Pinworm) Tablets in the form of Pripsen Roundworm Treatment & Ovex treatments, both of which contain Mebendazole at low prices, so you can do this. You can also read more about threadworms here.

For Roundworm Treatment choose Chemist Direct

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