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Pinworm & Threadworm Treatment

Worms can be easily passed on from person to person, especially between a family but don't worry! These pinworm and threadworm treatments are designed to effectively treat and eradicate worms. Check them out today! 

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Effective worm treatment for the family at Chemist Direct

Worms are easily passed on from one person to another basically due to poor hygiene. This is why young children at nursery, pre-school or infant school are prone to getting them as hand washing is maybe not their strong point. This can then lead to infecting those who live in the household also.

So what can you do as a parent?

Only way to prevent worms is to teach good hygiene to your children and encourage handwashing before meals and after using the toilet, but even then you can't guarantee that all children they come into contact with will have been taught good hygiene too. So for this reason we have an effective range of Threadworm Treatment or Pinworm Treatment for the whole family including Ovex to help the condition.

Let Chemist Direct help take care of the whole family

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