Self Tan Tips and Tricks

In this article we’ll look at how to get a flawless sun kissed glow from the comfort of your own home.

Streak free tan at home

Dreaming of sun kissed skin? Read our article below for some tips and tricks to get a streak free, golden glow from the comfort of your own home.

Prepare to tan

The best way to ensure an even tan is to prepare your skin before applying your product.

The day before tanning you should exfoliate everywhere you want to tan. This will remove dead skin cells to make a smooth base and minimise your chances of an uneven finish. Exfoliation before any type of tanning, including getting a spray tan, is a must.

If you prefer to remove unwanted hair by waxing or using hair-removal creams, you should also do this the day before you apply your tan. These methods can remove skin cells from the surface of your skin which can result in a patchy finish.

After exfoliating you should moisturise all over while paying special attention to dry areas like elbows and knees. You may want to reapply moisturiser to problem dry areas but leave it to absorb for at least half an hour before applying your tanner.

Applying fake tan

Using a tanning mitt is a great way to speed up the application process. They can cover a much larger surface area compared to your hand, and they make reaching your back a lot easier.

Step 1 – Squeeze or pump your fake tan onto your tanning mitt. To spread the product evenly over the mitt, you can scrunch your hand into a fist after applying the product to the mitt.

Step 2 – Focus on one area of your body at a time. Apply your fake tan in circular motions, making sure you cover every inch of skin. People commonly forget to apply product to the inside of their arms and legs, but this will cause pale patches and an uneven finish. You can slowly build up the colour so that it is even. Make sure you properly rub in the product and buff out any overlaps.

If you are applying instant tanner you will need to work quite quickly to ensure an even colour.

Step 3 – The instructions on your chosen product will advise how long you should leave it to dry for and if you need to wash it off or not. Follow these instructions.

Top Tips

  • Enhance your golden glow with a shimmering body lotion or oil.
  • Moisturising daily will help your tan last longer.
  • Always use a mitt or gloves when handling fake tan to avoid orange hands.
  • Hot showers and baths will cause your fan to fade faster.
  • Applying fake tan at night gives it more time to develop and you are less likely to smudge it.
  • Wash your applicator mitt with warm soapy water after every use. Leave it to air dry.
  • Use a lighter tanner 2 days in a row rather than a dark tan once. This will help to erase any mistakes you made during the previous application and ensure a flawless finish.