Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour for Men - Your colour, Your Choice

 Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour for Men

How to use the LIVE Colour range for Men

The easy-to-use Schwarzkopf LIVE range is designed to help achieve statement hair with the minimum of fuss. It features professional quality at-home solutions to every colouring conundrum.

How to Apply

Do your prep:

  • • Always do an allergy test 48 hours before applying the dye
  • • Cover up with old and/or dark clothing
  • • Always wear gloves
  • • Get a timer ready


For permanent shades only

  • • Open developer bottle
  • • Squeeze colour cream into developer bottle
  • • Replace developer bottle cap and give it a good shake
  • • Twist the nozzle off and your ready to apply

LIVE Men 2

First Timers:

  • • Use the bottle nozzle to get a good amount of colour into your roots
  • • Work colour through the lengths and ends of your hair until evenly covered
  • • Wait for the colour to develop (check individual instruction leaflet for details)
  • • Rinse hair until water runs clear
  • • Condition with the Care Conditioner included for touchably soft hair

Need to touch up your roots or blend your colour?

  • • Use the nozzle of the bottle to part and section the hair to get right to the roots.
  • • ONLY apply colour to your roots at this stage.
  • • Keep enough colour in the bottle (about a third) for your ends.
  • • Now put your gloves back on and work the remaining mixture through your hair with your fingers.
  • • Rinse hair until water runs clear

And You’re Done!

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