Top potty training tips

When you begin potty training with your child, it can seem like a long and frustrating process - but patience is the key! There’s no use in forcing your child into learning when to use the potty or toilet; they will learn when they’re ready and at some point they will eventually want to be clean and dry so it will just become natural for them to want to use the toilet. Thankfully, Pampers will be there every step of the way to help children when those inevitable accidents happen.

  • Know when they’re ready to start potty training - most parents find this is around 18-24 months but there’s no definitive answer. If they know when they need to go to the toilet or are passing urine and tell you, they are ready to be using the potty.
  • Understand that accidents will happen - it is highly unlikely to have an easy ride while potty training so expecting a few accidents so they don’t come as a surprise. Your child is most likely to have an accident when they’re excitable, upset or distracted.
  • Try to make the transition as gradual as possible, as too much all at once will only make your child more anxious and result in more accidents. Pampers help potty training to be as easy and smooth as possible with their Easy Up Pants that are designed just like underwear and will get your child used to the motion of pulling their underwear up and down while still allowing a few accidents here and there.
  • Don’t make a big deal of potty training in general as your child will only feel under pressure and is less likely to cooperate. Just talk them through the basics and what their potty should be used for and they’ll soon show interest.
  • Never make a fuss of their accidents but remain calm and positive. Your child won’t be having accidents forever, so try to gloss over it as best you can to not get your child upset.
  • On the other hand, praise their success. They will be pleased when they’ve used the potty successfully, so show them that it’s a good thing and that you’re proud of them.
  • Try to make potty training a fun process - you could put flushable things like shaving foam or food colouring down the toilet and notice all the colours change! You could also buy a couple of books with your child that are specifically for the potty or toilet.
  • Visual achievements are also a good idea so your child can see how well they’re doing for themselves. This can easily be done with a sticker chart that is placed in the bathroom and when your child is successful they can earn a sticker to add to their collection.
  • Always allow the child to be in control of their own actions - if you force it, it will take twice as long.
  • Let them choose a couple of pairs of proper underwear for them to start wearing. If they have any accidents they’ll soon know about it and feel uncomfortable, making them want to use the potty even more.