Olbas for little noses

Now, for those little noses that find traditional Olbas just a bit too powerful, there's Olbas for Children, a gentle formulation for the smaller members of the family - even ones as young as three months old.

Stuffy little noses can mean sleepless nights for everyone. But a few drops of Olbas for Children on a hanky in the bedroom gently soothes and restores easy breathing. Result - peaceful nights and sweet dreams all round.

Tips for looking after poorly children

  • Keep your child's bedroom warm, but well ventilated
  • Make sure they drink plenty of fluids
  • Warm drinks can be particularly soothing
  • Ensure they have a healthy balanced diet
  • Encourage as much rest as possible
  • A gentle decongestant, like Olbas for Children, will help to relieve stuffiness and catarrh to make breathing easier

Should I call the doctor?

Generally, colds are nothing to worry about. However, if certain symptoms present themselves you should contact your GP

    If the cold has gone on for longer than a fortnight
  • If your child seems weak or exhausted
  • If their temperature rises above 38.9°C in children or 38°C in a baby under one year.

Keeping children fit and healthy

The best way to help children avoid colds is to help their bodies do what comes naturally. Fit, healthy children have naturally stronger immune systems.

A healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is probably the best, simplest way of helping your child to fight infection. Of course, getting good stuff into kids is another matter. So, try sneaking them into their diet with ideas like homemade smoothies which taste so great, kids have no idea how healthy they are.

Kids need their sleep too (whatever they may tell you), and it can make a big difference to their ability to fight infection. Establishing a ‘calm down’ routine before bedtime can help. Taking a bath and reading together are good. Watching cartoons on the telly, less so.

Keeping kids active has the double benefit of boosting their health and helping them sleep at night. So unplug the video games and help them discover the great outdoors!