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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in the Starter Kit?

A starter kit contains a NICOCIG electronic cigarette, a spare battery, a charger, a carry case, and a box of NICOCIG cartridges. The box contains 6 cartridges each equivalent to between 8-10 ordinary cigarettes. The initial box will contain various strength cartridges (High, Medium, Low and Zero), so that you can decide on the strength that best suits your needs. This is a one off purchase, and only replacement cartridges need to be brought after this.


What is a cartridge?

NICOCIG cartridges slot onto the end of your device, and contain liquid nicotine. They are available in a variety of different nicotine strengths, (high, medium, low and zero). The cartridges come in a tobacco flavour however menthol flavour and other fruity flavours are available.


How long does one cartridge last?

Each cartridge no matter what strength or flavour is approximately equivalent to between 8-10 ordinary cigarettes. All cartridges are purchased in boxes of 6. Users will know when a cartridge they are using has run out, when they can no longer exhale vapour after an inhalation.


How long does the battery last?

Once the battery is fully charged, it should last for approximately one day depending on the individuals smoking habit. When the battery is dead the indicator will flash 30 times (approximately 9 seconds) to alert the user.


What is the smoke that is released?

The smoke that is released is merely an odourless harmless condensation, and does not linger like the smoke produced by an ordinary cigarette. There is no risk of passive smoking when using NICOCIG.


Why is Nicocig a safer alternative?

Tobacco is the substance within cigarettes that is responsible for many of the illnesses and deaths caused by smoking. NICOCIG offers users the chance to still satisfy their nicotine craving without the use of lit tobacco, in fact without tobacco at all. There are over 4000 chemicals in every ordinary cigarette, around 25 of which are carcinogenic. None of these are present when smoking NICOCIG.


Does it taste like an ordinary cigarette?

NICOCIG tobacco flavoured cartridges have been carefully developed to match the taste of a real cigarette. Thus providing real smoking satisfaction.


Can I smoke my Nicocig anywhere?

As tobacco is neither present nor lit when using NICOCIG it can be used in public places where the use of ordinary cigarettes is currently prohibited. The vapour that is exhaled is odourless and does not cause irritation to those nearby. This means it can be used in restaurants, bars, casinos and in the office, however please note the use of NICOCIG is always down to the managers discretion.