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Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Different smoking habits and the various brands of electronic cigarette cigarettes smoked by individuals, results in the need for various levels of nicotine strength cartridges.

In the starter pack, all types have been included so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. We recommend that you begin with the Medium nicotine strength, and then choose the higher or a lower strength depending on how well your nicotine craving is satisfied.

Ordinary electronic cigarette packets usually display the nicotine content contained in each cigarette, for example, 1.1mg. This would be equivalent to smoking the Medium strength nicotine cartridge. This is because each cartridge is equivalent to approximately 8-10 cigarettes, and as the total nicotine content is 11mg, each cigarette smoked (i.e. 15 inhalations) would equate to 1.1mg (approximately). If you’re chosen cigarette brand has a lower nicotine content that 1.1mg per cigarette, for example 0.7mg, then it may be more suited for you to select the LOW strength nicotine content cartridge.


How much do I smoke?

On average an ordinary cigarette is consumed within 15 inhalations, and so after smoking the NICOCIG approximately 15 times in one period, you have smoked the equivalent to one cigarette.

NICOCIG allows users to select the levels of their Nicotine usage, by providing various nicotine strength cartridges.


What Strength Should I Smoke?