The Key Benefits of E-Cigs

There are many benefits of smoking E-cigarettes:

  • Save money
  • Tar free, Tobacco Free and smoke free
  • Less hamful to you and others around you
  • Can be used indoors

Another great feature is the different tasty flavours they come in allowing you to experiment new tastes a choose your favourite! Electronic Cigarettes are also exempt from the 2007 smoking ban as there is no igniton, or burning of tobacco products involved. What happens in an e cig is that the atomiser (which has a heating element within it), heats up the liquid around the heating element turning the liquid into vapour. It then travels up through to the mouthpiece or silicon tip, where you inhale the vapour and satisfy your craving.

Electronic cigarettes UK UK are also beneficial if you are weaning yourself of cigarettes as the strengths of nicotine in the different cartridges differ so your nicotine intake can be regulated. The lack of tobacco in the e-cigs also makes it a much cleaner way of smoking, and they don't leave you with a unpleasant after taste or odour.