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Meet Satipharm

What is Satipharm?

Satipharm is a health and wellness brand that specialises in developing and manufacturing cannabinoid-based products. Founded in 2015, it is quickly becoming a global leader in the cannabis market by delivering high-quality products.

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Satipharm is the latest addition to Chemist Direct with us stocking their unique Satipharm Gelpell capsules. Launched in 2019, Satipharm uses its patented Gelpell technology to deliver the benefits of CBD to the users easier and better.

Why Choose Satipharm & Satipharm Gelpell Capsules?

What is Satipharm’s Gelpell Technology?

Satipharm’s Gelpell capsules contain seamless gelatine beads, containing full-spectrum hemp extracts of CBD. These beads are encased in gastro-resistant capsules. This ensures that the CBD in the beads is only released later in digestion in the small intestine.

Gelpell capsules, through extensive clinical research, has been shown to improve the human body’s absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids. Besides being easy to digest, Saptipharm’s Gelpell technology protects the CBD from damage from different environmental factors such as heat, light, and oxidation. This increases its shelf life and can be stored at room temperature.

How does Satipharm Ensure the Quality of their Products?

Manufactured under controlled conditions in their facilities in Switzerland, Saptipharm operates under strict international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are committed to these high standards throughout the manufacturing process.

A reliable, trusted source of CBD, try out Satipharm Gelpell capsulesSaptipharm Gelpell Capsules today!