Bite & Sting Relief

Essential bite prevention and sting relief to take with you as you travel on holiday, abroad or to use on days out at home in the summer months.

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Take the sting out of your holiday with Chemist Direct

Whether it's from a wasp, insect or even a mosquito, getting stung or bitten whilst on your travels can seriously ruin your holiday, and put your health at risk. This is why we have a selection of products to help relieve the redness, soreness, itching and all other associated symptoms of a bite or sting and to help you enjoy a pain free holiday instead.

What you will find

We want you to enjoy your holiday, not to be in pain throughout. This is why we offer only the highest quality products to make sure that any pain you suffer is minimal and short lived. Choose from a variety of popular brands such as Jungle Formula, Mosquito Milk, Autan, After Bite and Ben's to ensure you have the best painless holiday ever.

Bite back against injuries with Chemist Direct

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