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Autan Insect Repellent


Autan is available to purchase at Chemist Direct

Insect and/or mosquito bites can ruin a holiday. Bites hurt, become red and inflamed and can sometimes become infected. Some people are more prone to being bitten then others. If you have been on holiday before and gotten bitten, then you are probably one of these people, if this is your first holiday away where insects and mosquitoes and rife donít leave anything to chance. Protect your skin either way with Autan, an effective insect repellent trusted by many.

What is Autan?

Autan insect repellent sprays are designed such a way that it provides protection from almost all kind of insects.†Autan is an effective repellent providing protection against a broad range of insects. Remember there are 930,000 species of insects in the world and no repellent works against everything.† However, Autan with the new active ingredient Icaridin is an excellent all round repellent. All Autan products have been developed in accordance with the highest scientific standards. To confirm the safety of these products for consumers, a comprehensive test programme was carried out in close cooperation with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the United States registration authorities. None of the studies revealed any negative effects. The packs of all Autan products are made of modern plastics (except for the aerosol spray), which can be recycled.

If Autan insect repellent is used following the instructions you will have effective protection from most insect bites.

Autan Active Insect†Repellent†provides up to 8 hours protection from mosquitoes, midges and horseflies and up to 4 hours protection from ticks.† Autan Active is particularly suitable for outdoor activities and low-risk insect disease areas.† Autan contains Icaridin, a new generation active ingredient that is highly effective while being kind to the skin.† Autan is dermatologically tested and non-sticky and non-greasy.† All Autan products are suitable for children over the age of two. Available as pump spray, body spray, stick and liquid.

Choose Autan for an effective insect repellent