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How to use Hemoclin

Hemoclin Original is designed to relieve the discomfort of haemorrhoids such as pain itching and irritation. Hemoclin is different from other products as it reaches the affected areas and gets to work fast. Its gel base patented 2QR complex formula has been designed to block harmful microbes and start a natural healing process. It cooling and soothing effect gives you fast relef and makes bowel movements less painful. The innovative application system is clean, practical and user friendly and allows for two weeks of treatment. Hemoclin Original contains:

Step 1

Place the aerosol can firmly on a sturdy surface. Hold the aerosol with one hand and remove the cap. Do not press the white button.

Step 2

Firmly press down on the blue part (B) 2 seconds with the other hand. You hear a hissing sound. The white part (A) will automatically move upward. Keep on pressing the blue part (B) until you see a ring appear on the white part (A). At that moment you stop pressing. The applicator is fully charged and ready to use.

Step 3

Pull the blue part (B) with the attached white part (A) out of the holder (part C).

Step 4

Insert the blue part (B) with the attached white part (A) into the back passage.

Step 5

After you inserted the blue part (B) into the back passage, gently press the white part (A) into the blue part (B), allowing for HemoClin to enter the affected area.

For treatment of anal discomforts (irritation, itching, burning, sensitivity): Apply in and around the affected area using the gel at least twice per day or in ample quantity for a period of two weeks whenever relief is desired. More frequent application increases the effectiveness.

For prevention of (internal and external) haemorrhoids and fissures: Apply in and around the anus before and after each bowel movement.

HemoClin should not be used for longer than 30 continuous days in one treatment period.