Stock Up & Save on Baby Products

Running out of baby formula or wipes is every parent's nightmare, which is why we offer the service of stock up and save on baby products. We stock a wide range of health wholesale products in multipacks such as a water wipes, Aptamil first milk bulk buy as well as Bio-Oil against stretchmarks. And remember: when you stock up and buy in bulk, you save money. Other essential baby products include Sudocrem and Johnson and Johnson baby powder.

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Bulk Buy Baby Products with Chemist Direct 

At Chemist Direct, we stock a wide range of baby products and necessities that you can purchase in bulk or multipacks, and save! From popular baby milk brands such as Aptamil and Cow Gate to necessities such as Sudocrem Antiseptic Cream and Huggies Wipes, you can get these leading brands in bulk, delivered to your door and with a saving. 

Buy Aptamil Baby Milk in Bulk with Chemist Direct!

One of the UK's leading brands of baby formula and products, we stock Aptamil Baby Milk products that parents can buy and save in bulk including the 1, 2 and 3 range to support your baby right from the start.

Check out our bulk buy baby products today!

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