Oral Thrush Treatments

Oral Thrush can be awfully uncomfortable and very embarrassing. Luckily, it is a condition that can be easily treated with the right medication. It is why Chemist Direct works with leading healthcare brands to provide our customers with the very best Oral Thrush products and treatments. 


Relieve oral thrush symptoms

Oral thrush can be painful and embarrassing for those suffering from it. Not only is the condition uncomfortable, it can also make swallowing and eating very difficult.

What causes oral thrush?

Oral thrush happens when a yeast infection develops inside your mouth. It's most common in infants and toddlers, but adults can suffer with it. Oral thrush causes white or yellowish bumps to form on the inner cheeks of your mouth and tongue. Those bumps usually go away with treatment.

Diabetes can contribute to oral thrush as well. Uncontrolled diabetes weakens your immune system and causes high blood sugar levels. This creates favorable conditions for C. albicans to grow.

Should I treat oral thrush?

Oral thrush is typically mild and rarely causes serious problems. But in people with weakened immune systems, it can spread to other parts of the body and cause potentially serious complications.

Both males and females can suffer with thrush and it is an increasingly common problem; however, you don't need to suffer in silence.

How do you treat oral thrush?

Shop our range of oral thrush treatments to help relieve the symptoms and tackle the problem directly, leaving your mouth feeling normal and pain free.


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