Headlice & Scabies Treatment Products

Get quick, cooling, and thorough relief from head lice and scabies with these scabies treatments and head lice treatments.

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Look to Chemist Direct for your headlice cure

Headlice is an extremely common condition that occurs more often than not in children, due to their close contact with each other at school or nursery. Headlice absolutely love clean hair, so they really can affect anyone. Luckily there are many treatments out there to help kill headlice including Hedrin, a clinically proven formula that not only kills them, but is fast acting too.

Need instant scabies relief?

Headlice and scabies are extremely itchy, irritating conditions. Don't suffer. Try Lyclear Dermal Cream for instant scabies relief as this has been shown to help prevent it. We offer so many treatments including Lyclear, Full Marks and Piksan to name a few, so we are sure you will find the product that is suitable for you or your child.

Chemist Direct has all you need for a headlice cure

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