Full Marks Headlice Solution

Full Marks Headlice Solutions are a fast and effective treatment for head lice and their eggs. Unlike other traditional treatments available, Full Marks doesn't poison the lice. Instead, it works by causing them to dehydrate and die. This is done within 10 minutes of applying the treatment and you simply use the detector comb to remove the head lice along with any remaining eggs. 

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About Full Marks Solution 

Full Marks is a head lice solution that has been clinically proven to work in just 10 minutes and has become the UK's No. 1 selling head lice treatment. It is ideal for children with asthma and eczema. 

How does Full Marks work? 

Unlike traditional head lice treatments and solutions on the market, which poisons them, Full Marks works by dehydrating them. By coating them in a low odour substance that affects their biological functions, the lice and eggs die. All that there's left to do is to comb them out and they're gone. 

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