Fungal Infection Treatments 

Don't let fungal infections like athlete's foot ruin your day. Find the right treatment or anti-fungal product like Canesten, Curanail and Daktarin at Chemist Direct. Feel immediate relief and combat fungal infections with our antifungal treatments today. 


Buy fungal infection treatment from Chemist Direct

Fungal skin infections can cause the skin to become red, scaly and itchy. We work with the best healthcare brands and manufacturer to provide the best antifungal products and treatments available over-the-counter in the UK. It's always best to treat a fungal infection at soon as possible, as the condition can spread and/or intensify.

If you are in pain, or unable to diagnose or treat your condition, please book an appointment with your GP or health professional.

Medication for treating fungal infections

Treating ringworm requires an antifungal cream like Daktacort or Lamisil. These creams are applied directly to affected area.

To help treat athlete's foot, you can use an antifungal cream, spray or powder.

A fungal foot infection can also affect the toenails. This requires treatment like Curanail or Excilor to help heal the infection and reduce discolouration.


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