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Curanail Fungal Nail Treatment

Curanail provides a wide range of medical treatments for mild fungal infections. It can be used by adults aged 18 years and over. Curanail contains amorolfine, which penetrates the nail and kills the fungus while preventing the infection spreading any further. 


Curanail – killing fungus for visibly healthy nails

Curanail Nail Lacquer is an effective, prescription strength treatment for fungal nail infections. Curanail is incredibly easy and simple to use and is applied just like nail varnish. It can be used on up to 2 nails for infections that have started at the tip of the nail and are spreading to the base.

How does it work?

Fungal nail infections can sometimes be difficult to treat, due to the fact that they occur deep within the nail. But Curanail works by remaining active within the affected area for up to a week, which gives its active ingredient time to penetrate the nail bed and get right to the source of the infection, and effectively “curing” it. You can also use Curanail and NailMax™ together to firstly clear the infection and then promote strong and healthy nails.

Be proud of your feet with Curanail, available at Chemist Direct!

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