Allergy Cream & Itch Relief

Whether you suffer from hay fever, insect bites or allergies, our antihistamine creams can offer lasting relief from an itchy rash. Made by household brands such as Eurax and Magicool, these products offer quick and effective relief from insect bites, allergy related rashes and other irritants. If you’re looking for effective relief from itchy skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, take a look at our wide selection of eczema cream.


Choose Chemist Direct for immediate allergy itch relief

Bites and stings can result in a minor skin irritation which can cause an overwhelming itching sensation that can lead to uncontrollable scratching. Scratching can make the irritation worse so it's best to apply a topical treatment to lessen the itch and reduce any inflammation.

Itching remedies

Anthisan is a well-known remedy to help reduce the itch and inflammation of a bite or sting as well. Magicool Plus Itchy skin is more concerned with Prickly heat and the skin's reaction to the sun and Eurax Hc Cream is not only indicated for use on dermatitis but also insect bites.

For immediate itch relief try an allergy itch relief cream

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