Eurax Cream & Lotion

Eurax is a leading skincare brand that specialises in treating itchy skin. Both Eurax cream and lotion are specially formulated with Crotamiton as an active ingredient to provide relief to itchy, inflamed skin. 

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Use Eurax cream for Itchy Skin Treatment

Eurax Cream & Eurax Lotion, contain the active ingredient Crotamiton which belongs to a group of medicines which relieve Itchy skin (pruritis). Itchy skin can be caused by physical irritation or chemical changes in the skin caused by disease, allergy, inflammation, side-effects of drugs, or reaction to irritant substances. It is a common symptom of skin disorders e.g. ezcema.

Eurax Cream & Eurax Lotion, provides relief of Itchy skin irritation caused by sunburn, dry eczema, itchy dermatitis, allergic rashes, hives, nettle rash, chickenpox, insect bites and stings, heat rashes, personal itching and the treatment of scabies.

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