Why does ageing skin need different care?

Our skin goes tackles a lot throughout our lives and is faced with various harmful factors every single day that can cause damage. In fact, dermatologists believe that around 90% of skin ageing is down to daily external factors like air pollution and UV damage. UV light, stress, smoking and alcohol all produce free radicals, which are your skin’s worst enemy, as they cause oxidative stress to our cells which then results in damage and premature ageing.

Collagen, elastin and moisture are the 3 structural elements of the skin that are found in the epidermis skin layer that lies underneath the outer epidermal layer. Around our mid-twenties our skin stops producing collagen and by the age of 30 our collagen stores begin to decrease. As we age, damage is also caused to elastin and moisture, as our deeper layers of skin hold less water and elastin loses its “spring”. These effects are then seen on the epidermal skin layer in the form of lines, wrinkles, sagging and dry skin. Visible skin ageing is most prominent on those with fairer skin on areas of the body that are often exposed like the face, backs of the hands and the neck.

Just as different skin types need different care, ageing skin also needs to be cared for appropriately. As long as your skin is looked after properly throughout life healthy skin can look beautiful at any age, but mature skin will still need specific care. The best way to take care of your skin and protect it against ageing is sun protection as dermatologists all agree that UV rays are the biggest culprit for skin ageing. Even when it’s not sunny, we can still be affected by the damaging sun so use a gentle moisturiser with added SPF.

Thankfully, Eucerin also has ageing skin covered with their Anti-Age range. Most of their anti-ageing products provide intense hydration to the skin to keep it moisturised and free from dryness and also contain Co-Enzyme Q10 that helps to stimulate energy production within the cells in order to reduce wrinkles.