What is your skin type?

Normal skin:

Normal skin demonstrates an ideal balance of moisture and cell turnover in the protective top dermis layer of the skin. Normal skin has a healthy natural moisture barrier that keeps the right amount of moisture in while keeping damaging bacteria out.

  • Moist, clear and glowing complexion
  • Barely visible pores
  • Skin elasticity is tight and smooth
  • Skin tone is even
  • Little to no imperfections
  • No severe sensitivity

Even though this hydrolipid film has the right amount of moisture and natural oils that cover and protect the skin’s surface and a perfectly balanced pH level, normal skin still needs the right skin care to keep this balance in check and keep the skin in optimum health. Many factors that we come across every single day can disrupt these balances and cause breakouts or dry out the skin. A good cleanser that is tailored to normal skin will remove dirt but is gentle enough to avoid stripping protective lipids.

Dry skin:

Dry skin is actually very common and can occur to most people at some point in their lifetime. It can often be genetic; however dry skin is most likely caused external factors and certain products that strip moisture from the top skin layer. Those with dry skin will have a weaker moisture barrier that allows moisture to escape and results in low hydration levels and dryness.

  • Dull and rough complexion
  • Red patches across the skin
  • Less elasticity
  • Almost invisible pores

When exposed to certain factors, dry skin can become itchy, cracked, irritated or inflamed, particularly on the hands, arms and legs. Dry skin needs mild, soap-free cleansers and gentle moisturisers that can seal moisture into the skin. The right products tailored to dry skin like the Eucerin Replenishing or Eucerin Intensive products are specially designed increase the skin’s water binding abilities and prevent the loss of moisture from all layers of the skin.

Sensitive skin:

Today, sensitive skin is incredibly common and around 50% of people will suffer from skin sensitivity in varying levels at some point in their life. Most people are predisposed to having sensitive skin, yet external factors can still play a part. This particular skin has a lower resistance to irritants like fragrances and allergens, which is why choosing the right skin care is essential for taking care of sensitive skin. When irritated, skin experiences:

  • Redness, swelling or scaling
  • A prickly or burning sensation
  • Tightness and itching

On sensitive skin, use mild soaps and fragrance free cleansers and moisturisers like the Eucerin Anti-Redness Care products. Avoid harsh scrubs and be wary of botanical ingredients as some essential oils can also irritate the skin.