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Atopic Eczema

The exact reason of atopic eczema is unknown, though a strong familial inheritance pattern seems to exist. The skin in atopic eczema is severely dry, rough, chapped, reddened and inflamed. Intensive itch is a cardinal symptom of the disease.

The “itch-scratch cycle”

Though scratching may provide temporary relief from itch, nerve endings in the skin are further irritated. This leads to more itching and the scratching starts all over again, creating an itch-scratch cycle.


To help interrupt this cycle it is mandatory to use skin care products on a daily basis which moisturise the skin and replenish what is missing. For acute itchy flare-ups specific and fast acting itch relief products can be of help.

Atopic eczema usually appears on flexural joints such as elbows and/or knees, the face and the trunk. It can vary in severity from day to day or even from season to season and concerns especially children.

Atopic eczema is one of the most common skin diseases in children: Up to one in five children under 14 years suffers from atopic eczema. Fortunately, it is mostly resolved by puberty. Up to 3 percent of the affected children willcarry on the disease into adulthood. The meaning of the word “eczema” derives from the Greek. It literally means “to arise” and describes very clearly the inflamed, cracked and oozing skin.