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Top tips for preventing excessive sweating

People suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) often find it has a major effect on their confidence as it can easily get in the way of everyday life. A couple of lifestyle changes however can go a long way with trying to manage and control your condition. Though these tips won’t cure hyperhidrosis, they can help you get on with your day and feel more and more confident.

  • Switch from deodorant to antiperspirant as they block your pores to stop sweating in the sweat glands, whereas deodorants simply neutralise odours as you sweat. As antiperspirants stop sweating altogether, you will be free from both wetness and odour.
  • Avoid triggers that are known to make your sweating worse, like spicy foods, heat and alcohol.
  • Try to stick to black or white clothing and avoid bright colours, as this will help to minimise the visible signs of sweating. It is particularly difficult to notice wetness marks against black and white when compared to other colours.
  • Avoid tight and restrictive clothing as this is a major cause of sweating. Lose-fitting clothing will allow your skin to breathe, especially around the areas where you notice excessive sweating.
  • You should also avoid man-made fibres like nylon or synthetics that are likely to stick to the skin. Try to wear as much cotton clothing as possible as this is much lighter on the skin.
  • If you find that excessive sweating is worst under your arms, then you may want to consider sweat shields. These are great options for if you’re wearing something delicate or expensive as they absorb the sweat from your underarms and prevent it from leaking onto your clothing.
  • If sweating is worst on the soles of the feet, try wearing thick socks like sports socks that are specially designed to absorb any moisture. Avoid synthetics and change socks at least twice a day. You should also wear shoes made from canvas, leather or mesh. It is imperative to allow your feet to breathe in order to keep sweating to a minimum.