Cetaphil FAQ’s

What does non-comedogenic mean?

It means that a product does not clog pores. All Cetaphil products are non-comedogenic.

Are Cetaphil skin cleansing products biodegradable?


What is the scent I smell in some of your lotions and creams?

What you’re probably smelling in our lotions and creams is the normal scent of the chemicals in the formula without any masking fragrances added. Masking this odour could make the formula harsher to your skin, therefore we choose to leave our skin care products fragrance-free.

What do hypoallergenic and fragrance-free really mean?

While there are no federal standards that establish a product as hypoallergenic, cosmetic makers often refer to products that are formulated to cause allergic reactions than other products as hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free means that no fragrances have been added to a product to mask the smell of other ingredients. Most Cetaphil products are fragrance free.

What are humectants, emollients and occlusive agents?

Humectants (urea, glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids, and others) are substances that absorb water from the air and hold the moisture in the skin. Humectants are useful in softening thickened or scaly skin. Humectants need very high humidity levels to be effective. Emollients (lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum and others) are ingredients that fill in the spaces between the cells in the skin, helping replace lipids and thus smoothing and lubricating rough skin.

Occlusive agents (petrolatum, beeswax, lanolins, oils and others) work by physically blocking the loss of water from the skin. They may also help to restore the skin’s lipid barrier.

What are parabens?

Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in cosmetic products. Parabens are usually easy to identify by name, such as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, or benzylparaben. Typically, more than one paraben is used in a product, often with types of preservatives to provide preservation against a broad range of micro-organisms. The mixture of parabens allows the use of lower levels while increasing preservative activity.

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