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Tampax Tampons


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Tampax pearl tampons, Compak tampons maximum protections when in in period. It is made up of special cellulose for greater absorbencies.

When you're on it's important you choose the right tampon for your flow. At Tampax we understand this and that's why our tampons are designed to suit your body and help you get on with life. Tampax offers a wide range of tampons with several different absorbencies to meet your body's needs.

Tampax tampons provide trusted protection during your period. Much like cotton and other natural plant fibers, rayon is made from cellulose and has been used in Tampax tampons for more than 25 years.

How to use a tampon during your period

Most of us will try to use a tampon during a period at sometime, so it's important to know how to insert a tampon in the right way. It might seem tricky at first, but after trying several times, insertion becomes as easy as putting on a glove. The key is to RELAX! Worrying about it may make you tense, making insertion even harder. Read the package instruction leaflet carefully, and practice inserting a tampon during your period when your flow is moderate to heavy. Then the tampon should glide in easily.

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